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The Real Value of Joining a Nordic Chamber
of Commerce in the Czech Republic

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Jaromír Hájek - Managing Director

"We highly appreciate to be the member of Nordic Chamber because of valuable events, excellent networking opportunities and high attention of the staff."

Membership Benefits

Several studies conclude that membership in a commercial chamber can significantly boost a company’s image bothamong consumers as well as among other businesses. By joining the Nordic Chamber of Commerce your companywill become part of an organization that actively represents and promotes a Scandinavian lifestyle and managementstyle in the Czech Republic.

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Individual membership

Individual membership is possible for individuals of Nordic origin or with an exceptional Nordic connection (i.e. having lived or worked in the Nordic countries), who are working in non-Nordic companies which are not a member of the Chamber. Nordic individuals being private entrepreneurs or owners of Czech registered entities are not entitled to individual membership but must register for company membership.

Individual members can participate in all events in the Chamber at normal membership participation fee if any. They can though not participate in Business Mixers and Ambassador Meetings which are reserved for company members. The Individual member can furthermore not promote his company within the NCC (i.e. run seminars, place ad in Nordic News for member’s price) nor can they send a substitute from their company to Chambers event). No, Thank you

A new study reveals that membership in the Chamber of Commerce can significantly boost a business’s image among consumers, as well as among other businesses. Joining the Nordic Chamber of Commerce gives the company member the opportunity to present and promote the “Scandinavian” style of life, management style as well as the fairness of doing business which is significant for Nordic companies either with Nordic or Czech management here in CR.        We simply call it promoting and following the NORDIC VALUES.


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