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“The Nordic Chamber launches a new service for members: Mentoring Exchange“

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Many mentoring programs in companies are limited to speaking to senior members of your current company. Often there is too little time or structure in these programs to provide any real value. The mentoring exchange is a new platform within the Nordic Chamber of Commerce, offering member companies to connect mentors with mentees from different companies and different industries. By matching the needs of mentees with the expertise of senior employees of our member companies, the Mentoring Exchange is a great platform for sharing experiences and knowledge across different industries that the mentees would otherwise not be exposed to.

Do you want to know how other industries handle customer service, or find out how other companies work with digital marketing? Do you want to share your great experience in implementing Lean Management in a production facility? The time is now!

The Mentoring Exchange is an excellent opportunity for senior members of our Chamber to give something back to other persons within our community – for free! It is also a rare opportunity for employees of companies in the Nordic chamber to tap into the experience of not only their own colleagues, but from a wide range of people operating in different industries.
The mentees and mentors follow a strict set of rules of engagement Rules of Engagement  and are also vetted to meet the requirements for MENTOR and MENTEE. Registration form MENTOR download and MENTEE download

If you are interested in MENTOR or MENTEE role, please fill in the form and send to the Chamber office at 

Interview with KONE Czech Republic and Slovakia

Video with KONE Czech Republic and Slovakia


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