A record-breaking number of cruise guests set course for Denmark

An all-time high number of cruise guests are heading towards Denmark in 2018. Copenhagen, will receive the majority of guests

but based upon numbers collected by CruiseCopenhagen, most Danish ports can report an increase in cruise guests. The Danish ports expect their busiest year in cruise. More than 1.1 million guests are expected to visit Denmark during the cruise season of 2018. During 2018, a record of 100.000 guests will go ashore in Aarhus, and in Skagen, in Northern Denmark, the number of cruise guests will double. The destinations Bornholm, Kalundborg, Elsinore and Hundested have also announced a significant increase of cruise guests during this cruise season. In 2018, cruise lines will bring almost 250.000 guests to the Danish ports outside of Copenhagen and this number has never been higher. At the same time, the cruise season in Copenhagen will be the longest ever. With 215 days, only January, February and November do not have any cruise calls. In comparison, the cruise season lasted only 173 days in 2016.

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31. 1. 2018