Denmark still has world's highest taxes: report

A new survey from the OECD economic think tank puts Denmark at the top of all the countries included, based on the criteria used by OECD

When income taxes, social security contributions, taxes on property, goods and services are all added together they account for 45.9 percent of Denmark's overall earnings in 2016 – the same as the proportion recorded in 2015, but still below the peak of 48.6 percent reached in 2014. Denmark’s Nordic neighbours Norway and Sweden earned 38 and 44.1 percent of their incomes from taxes respectively. Denmark’s high taxes are closely related to the Scandinavian social welfare system for which it is well known. Services provided by the Danish state include free university tuition, state student grants, public healthcare and generous unemployment and family benefits.
- The Local -

3. 12. 2017