Groundwork completed for Finnish encapsulation plant

Finnish nuclear waste management company Posiva Oy has revealed that the excavations have been completed for the encapsulation plant near Olkiluoto

The above-ground encapsulation facility forms part of Finland's deep geological storage facility for spent nuclear fuel. It will be used to receive, dry and package spent nuclear fuel into disposal canisters before they are transported by lift to the underground repository. The excavation work of the final disposal facility itself was launched in December 2016 and is being carried out by YIT Construction. Posiva said that work is progressing with excavations of the vehicle access tunnels leading to the final disposal facility. The site for the geological waste repository at Eurajoki near Olkiluoto was selected in 2000. The repository is scheduled to start operating in 2023.

- Nuclear Engineering International -

13. 10. 2017