IKEA develops new e-commerce solution, eyes new sites in Czech Republic

General manager of IKEA’s Czech, Slovak and Hungarian branch Marek Feltl says that the company has begun developing a new comprehensive e-shop to replace

its current interim e-commerce solution. At present, IKEA operates four stores in the Czech Republic, posting sales of CZK 9 billion in 2016. E-commerce accounts for 4% of total sales in the Czech Republic, Mr Feltl says. Speaking about IKEA’s plans for new stores, he says that the company eyes suitable sites in Hradec Králové, Plzeň, České Budějovice and Liberec; nevertheless, no deadlines have been set yet. Mr Feltl also explains that Czech customers shift their attention to the medium or high segment of goods as the country’s economic condition improves.


1. 9. 2017