Norway nears political agreement over driverless buses

Several Norwegian cities could see driverless buses on their roads within the next few years, with a majority in parliament expected to vote in favour of a new law enabling the automated transport to be trialled

Authorities in Oslo, Stavanger and Kongsberg already have plans in motion to implement the driverless buses in the near future. One key aspect of introducing the new transport form is whether it will reduce the number of bus drivers needed to operate public buses, with large parts of bus networks able to run automatically. Minister for Transport Ketil Solvik Olsen said he expected a law enabling testing to be passed, thereby contributing to ensuring the safety of automated transport. “We want to provide for legal testing of automated vehicles on Norwegian roads,” Olsen said. Much safety is already ensured by computers, but thorough testing was required to ensure 100 percent safety, the minister added.
- The Local -

3. 12. 2017