Norway’s $1 trillion wealth fund is about to change dramatically

Has the world’s biggest wealth fund grown too large for Norway’s central bank to handle?

More people raise questions as it has surpassed 1 trillion dollars in market value. The Norwegian government is currently looking at a proposal to separate out the gigantic fund, now managed by Norges Bank Investment Management, from the central bank. “With a separate board you’ll be able to appoint professional people who really understand asset management, and who can have the necessary critical attitude toward the fund’s management,” says Knut Anton Mork, a professor at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. A newly proposed change in investment strategy is also a cause of concern among top academics in Norway. They argue that the managers of the fund take too much freedom and jeopardize the wealth of future generations of Norwegians.

- Business Insider Nordic -

2. 10. 2017