Oslo electric bus pilot begins

December marked the start of a two-year electric bus pilot project in Oslo

involving three operators running a total of six electric buses. The total cost of the pilot is NOK 43 million. Nobina is operating two 18 m long articulated buses on the city’s busiest routes, carrying 50 000 passengers a day. Battery capacity of these buses is 307 kWh, giving an expected range of 180 to 230 km. Norgesbuss has put into service two 12 m long Solaris buses on the 12 km long route 60. With a battery capacity of 125 kWh, these are expected to cover 55 to 95 km between charging. Unibuss also has two 12 m long Solaris buses, which are in service on the 15 km route 74. These have a battery capacity of 75 kWh, giving an expected range of 45 to 65 km.

- Metro Report -

15. 1. 2018