STARTUP EXTREME 2018 in the Fjords of Norway

Where the World meets the Norwegian Startup Ecosystem

The festival is a three-days’ experience to explore the opportunities within the Norwegian startup & investment landscape, in combination with extreme outdoor activities; it is the conference where the world meets the Norwegian startup ecosystem.

Startup Extreme gathers more than 500 startups, entrepreneurs, investors and corporate innovators in the beautiful nature of Bergen and Voss for knowledge sharing & networking.

The conference, which has been praised internationally by big media outlets such as Forbes, Techcrunch, and El Mundo, works closely with Innovation Norway as its main partners.

If this sounds interesting to you, please check the enclosed invitation package for more information and contact details. You can also read more about Startup Extreme here or check out this video from last year this.

- Embassy of Norway -

22. 1. 2018