Tourism helped Iceland recover from crash, but some residents have had enough

Though a steady stream of tourists has been a blessing for Iceland after the financial crash a decade ago, signs are emerging that local inhabitants are beginning to tire of the influx.

“We are seeing some signs that the tolerance is getting lower, especially in the most popular areas,” said Helga Arnadottir, director of the Icelandic Tourism Industry Association. As tourism is the North Atlantic island’s second-most-important industry, this is something to take seriously, she said. According to Arnadottir, tourism was a lifesaver for Iceland after the severe 2008 financial and banking crisis. Since 2010, the number of visitors has more than quadrupled in the small country of 330,000 people. And this year, financial institution Islandsbanki forecasts about 2.3 million visitors — a 30-per-cent increase over 2016.

- The Star -

15. 11. 2017