Wireless induction charging for hybrid coastal ferry successfully tested

Finnish technology group Wärtsilä has successfully tested its automatic wireless induction charging system with a hybrid powered coastal ferry owned by Norled, one of Norway's largest ferry operators

This is claimed to be the first commercial ferry in the world operating with high power wireless charging capability for its batteries, and the successful project represents a notable breakthrough in the evolution of plug-in electrically operated vessels. The tests were carried out on the 85 metre long MF Folgefonn in Norwegian waters during the end of August / early September of this year. Wireless charging eliminates the cable connection between the vessel and shore, thereby securing and facilitating safe connections and disconnections. It also reduces maintenance since wear and tear to physical connection lines is eliminated. The integrated Wärtsilä system is based on inductive power transfer and is capable of transferring more than a MW of electrical energy.

- Maritime Journal - 
2. 10. 2017