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Dads in Sweden are taking more parental leave than ever

Over the last ten years, the amount of parental allowance received by Swedish dads has grown slowly but surely, and today fathers receive almost 30 percent of the benefits allocated to each set of parents, figures from the Swedish Social Insurance Agency show. Swedish couples receive 480 days of parental leave per child, paid at about 80 percent of their salary. Parents are encouraged to split the leave as equally as possible, so the principle is that the total number is split in half but either parent can 'donate' part of their paid leave to their co-parents. At least 90 days, however, must be used by each parent. According to the latest statistics, fathers receive an average of 27.6 percent of the parental benefits, while mothers receive the remaining 72.4 percent. 

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Direct People, the first innovation company in the Czech Republic, is expanding. It entered the Polish market two months ago and is getting ready to enter another two markets. 

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email: daniela.velova@directpeople.cz


Norðfjarðargöng tunnel opened in East Iceland

A 7.9 km long tunnel, named Norðfjarðargöng, opened between the towns of Neskaupstaður and Eskifjörður in East Iceland
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Norway receives first F-35 fighter jet

Norway has received the first three of the 40 F-35 fighter jets it ordered from Lockheed-Martin as part of efforts to beef up its air force.
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Tourism helped Iceland recover from crash, but some residents have had enough

Though a steady stream of tourists has been a blessing for Iceland after the financial crash a decade ago, signs are emerging that local inhabitants are beginning to tire of the influx.
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Norway inflation rate falls to 5-year low

Inflation in Norway came in below forecasts for a second month in a row in October, falling to its lowest level since November 2012
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Denmark missing out on tourism millions

New figures from the national statistics keeper Danmarks Statistik reveal that despite a 1.8 percent increase in tourists visiting Denmark
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Denmark uses 40% wind power, targets to cut fossil fuel by 2050

Denmark is on course to wean itself off the use of fossil fuels by 2050, according to a senior adviser at the Danish Industry Association, Hans Peter Slente.
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Sweden is getting ready for the election-year information war

The debate about foreign interference in the US presidential election has dominated global news. Sweden, which is set to hold its own elections in less than a year,
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Net payments plummet: Finland drops to bottom of EU contributor list in 2016

Last year Finland paid 1.8 billion euros to the European Union and received 1.5 billion euros in EU money in return.
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Airbnb shakes up tourism industry in northern Finland

Rovaniemi, the capital of Finnish Lapland, has just 60,000 permanent residents but attracts half a million visitors a year, with double-digit growth for a third year running.
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Mentoring Exchange - The time is now!

The Nordic Chamber launches a new service for members: Mentoring Exchange
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Hockey: Channel One Cup

Hockey match between the Czech and Finland
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St. Lucia Party 2017

A traditional Nordic Chamber Christmas event.
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