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Mentoring Exchange
“The Nordic Chamber launches a new service for members:

Mentoring Exchange“

Many mentoring programs in companies are limited to speaking to senior members of your current company. Often there is too little time or structure in these programs to provide any real value. The mentoring exchange is a new platform within the Nordic Chamber of Commerce, offering member companies to connect mentors with mentees from different companies and different industries. By matching the needs of mentees with the expertise of senior employees of our member companies, the Mentoring Exchange is a great platform for sharing experiences and knowledge across different industries that the mentees would otherwise not be exposed to.

Do you want to know how other industries handle customer service, or find out how other companies work with digital marketing? Do you want to share your great experience in implementing Lean Management in a production facility? The time is now!

The Mentoring Exchange is an excellent opportunity for senior members of our Chamber to give something back to other persons within our community – for free! It is also a rare opportunity for employees of companies in the Nordic chamber to tap into the experience of not only their own colleagues, but from a wide range of people operating in different industries.

The mentees and mentors follow a strict set of rules of engagement  Rules of engagement and are also vetted to meet the requirements Requirement for MENTEE and Requirement for MENTOR

If you are interested in knowing more about this service or request APPLICATION FORM, please contact
the Chamber at info@nordicchamber.cz or by phone: 774 123 370.


our former colleague Martin Doubek is now working in Finland for ŠKODA TRANSPORTATION and its subsidy TRANSTECH oy
In August 2015 Škoda Tranportation Group became the new majority shareholder in Transtech Ltd. The membership in the big international group strengthened significantly Transtech's position the export rolling stock market. - about Transtech

Martin, you joined the Chamber in summer 2015, what was your expectation?

Yes, I joined the Chamber right after my graduation in September 2015.
To be honest, at the beginning I didn’t know what to expect, but after few weeks with Lea (Executive Director), I realized that it will not be like part time jobs during the University. Suddenly I started to have certain expectations – getting new contacts, getting insight of the company management, improving my language skills.

-


CEO of Hamé comments on Orkla’s corporate culture and labour shortage

The Hamé company, which operates seven sites in the Czech Republic and one in Slovakia, Romania and Russia each, has been part of Norwegian group Orkla for a year and a half.
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Swedish Vattenfall’s nuclear power business to recruit hundreds of employees

As Sweden operates eight nuclear blocks, mulling over the construction of another ten of them,
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Denmark: Commuting by bike reduces number of sick days

According to a recent Danish study investigating the benefits of cycling in the Capital Region of Copenhagen,
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Sweden dominates international business and employment rankings

Sweden heads the Best Countries for Business ranking published by Forbes, and lands sixth in the World Economic Forum’s (WEF) global competitivity index as the country posted a GDP growth of 3.7% in 2016.
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Norway’s competitveness jeopardised by high labour cost, IMF says

A report of the International Monetary Fund indicates that Norwegians are paid too high for their work, jeopardising the country’s competitiveness.
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Swedish company implants microchips into its employees

Stockholm-based Epicenter company offers to implant its workers with microchips the size of grains of rice that function as swipe cards: to open doors, operate printers or buy coffee.
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Iceland to tackle gender pay gap with new legislation

Iceland became the first country in the world to force companies to prove they pay all employees the same regardless of gender.
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Denmark to reform its costly social security system

Denmark boasts generous social system, low unemployment rate as well as prospering economy. Nevertheless, the country’s government finds it necessary to make cuts to its fabled welfare programs to finance a major round of income tax cuts.
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Sweden’s six-hour working day too expensive

Swedish government’s two-year experiment with a six-hour work day aimed at finding out whether people could be happier, less stressed and enjoy their work more if they worked shorter hours.
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Finland tests basic income experiment

In January 2017, Finland decided to put a new social experiment, the basic income, to the test, randomly selecting 2,000 unemployed people and giving them an unconditional sum of €560 a month for a period of two years.
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Hockey: Channel One Cup

Hockey match between the Czech and Finland
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A traditional Nordic Chamber Christmas event.
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