3rd round of Mentoring Exchange Project - closing session

7. 9. 2021 15:00 - 16:30 ZOOM


Welcome for MENTORS and MENTEES of 2020/2021 


·         intro / welcome

·         individual thinking of what worked fine / not that good or challenging  / what to change & individual insights and/or success stories (the last part could even be a pre-work for the session)

·         put people in mixed groups (not mentor and mentee in the same group) to share & consolidate their view on the  process -> report on a flip chart and ready to share results with others

·         finding together key issues for a successful mentoring program – already there or we need to build them for the  next round

·         wrap-up


Moderator:  Olli Torvinen, consultant and expert, Board member of the Nordic Chamber

Leader of the project: Andrea Colantoni, CNA International, Treasurer/Board Member of the Nordic Chamber 


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