BB: Transcending borders through Mediation - how to resolve disputes effectively

20. 11. 2019 09:00 - 12:00 Cihelna Cafe, Cihelná 2b, Praha 1

Corporate and Commercial Disputes, M & A, Relocations and International Workplaces are a fertile soil for all sorts of disputes. They not rarely carry the risk of being dragged into expensive litigation processes and one-sided court-orders, likely to provoke an appeal and prolong that process.


Mediation as a means of resolving disputes, where parties with help of an impartial mediator make an effort to find a mutual sustainable settlement to an unsuccessful negotiation, has therefore become a popular alternative. 

Key note speakers:
Gert Nilsson Eldrimner (Sweden / Denmark)  and  Mirella Kreder (Czechia / Germany)


8.30    Registration

9:00    Mediation - Facts, Figures & Opinions 

           Areas of mediation 

           Cross-border mediation

11:00  Q&A, Networking
This seminar is recommended to managers and professionals responsible for legal matters, (international) HR and organisational development.

Language: English without translation



Gert Nilsson Eldrimner

has been a business lawyer/litigator in Stockholm, Sweden, for nearly 30 years and is also a commercial mediator. He is focusing on helping disputing parties to find solutions to their conflicts and disputes, without going to courts or arbitrators. This way they can save a lot of time, money and, not the least, creative and lucrative relationships.


Mirella Kreder
is a business consultant and mediator, specialised in communication, business psychology and organisational development.

For many years I was part of a large corporation. Working in different teams and on different levels, locally and as Expat, taught me the major but also subtle dynamics among professionals, throughout hierarchies and between organisations. My latest work with clients, including also small to middle sized companies, and in an international context allowed me to broaden my professional skills. In the meantime I am offering my professional services in the area of business consulting and mediation to all kinds of organisations and individuals seeking such expertise, in Czech Republic and abroad.

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