Mentoring Exchange Project - closing session second round

17. 6. 2020 10:00 - 12:00 ZOOM, on-line


Our second round of the project Mentoring Exchange is almost at the end. We do believe you spent great time and discover new thinks to implement in your daily work.

Before we will release you for the Summer we would like to meet with you all and finding together key issues for a successful mentoring program

The whole world move into a digital era so do we. Therefore the meeting will be held by ZOOM


* intro / welcome
* individual thinking of what worked fine / not that good or challenging  / what to change & individual insights and/or success stories (the last part could even be a pre-work for the session)
* put people in mixed groups (not mentor and mentee in the same group) to share & consolidate their view on the process/ report on a flip chart and ready to share results with others
* finding together key issues for a successful mentoring program – already there or we need to build them for the next round

Moderator:  Olli Torvinen, consultant and expert, Board member of the Nordic Chamber

Leader of the project: Andrea Colantoni, CNA International, Treasurer/Board Member of the Nordic Chamber 

General partner of the year 2022:


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Non-Members: free

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Jun 16, 2020

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