Responsible Production & Responsible Consumption

10. 6. 2021 09:00 - 12:00 on-line stream



The sustainability is a holistic issue today. The implementation of its principles requires synergic approach and strong involvement of business. The Nordich Chamber of Commerce wants to demonstrate its holistic view on sustainability in a serie of workshops focused on healthy living, energy management, circular economy and water management. Their aim is not only to provide information, but to hear the voice of business: What are the achievements in firms? What are the barriers in implementing sustainability including the supporting or maybe spoiling role of the state?


Format: on-line streaming

Language: English


9:00 – Milan Chromík, Confederation of Industry and Transport


9:10 - Jana Bábiková, CIRAA – Sustainability vs Circular Economy


9.20 - Introduction speech NorCham: Dagmar Plevačová – Vice-President , NorCham


Moderator : Michala Hergetová




09.25 -  Charlotte Gjedde, State of Green (DEN)

Denmark: The green transition and circular economy


09.45   -  Anna Sapota, TOMRA (NOR)

Packaging in Circular Economy. Are consumers ready for a change?




10.05 – George Karra’a, LAVARIS

It is not a waste, it is a by-product

Turning production waste into a by-product through innovative recycling technologies.



10.25 – Lukáš Zapletal, Coca-Cola

Coke – Sustainability



10.45 – Mikuláš Hurta, NILMORE

Sustainable Fashion Is Not Enough Anymore






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