Nordic Chamber of Commerce offers assistance to small Czech companies on the Swedish market.

Sweden is a country with the reputation of a challenging and reliable market. The value of public tenders, published annualy by the goverment or private sector, is approximately 500 billion Swedish crowns (1.451 bil. CZK). Swedes are know for their serious and fair negotiation. Therefore it is not a surprise that Sweden is the only country in the world announcing public tenders for nearly every comodity their market demands. Hence, every Czech company, thinking about focusing their business on Sweden, can be assured that the public competition will be open and absolutely transparent. But it is very advantageous to use an experienced mediator, who knows the language, legislation and business practices of Nordic countries. Nordic Chamber of Commerce offers an opportunity to become such a mediator between Czech and Swedish companies.

 „Unfortunately one of the difficulities faced when applying for a tender is the language barrier. The rules determine that tenders are published only in Swedish language,“ describes Stefan Lager, presiden of Nordic Chamber of Commerce in Czech Republic. „Of course there exists a lot of reliable translators, but considering the necessary financial and bussines information or other contractual relations, it becomes advantageous to use a qualified mediator like Nordic Chamber of Commerce. Every public contract valued over 1 thousand Swedish crowns is announced as a tender,“ continues Lager.

 Since January 2016, Nordic Chamber of Commerce will offer a help to all Czech companies by organizing professional seminars, and by providing legal, business and language consultations. Further, the Chamber will assist in making direct contacts with regional and national chambers and associations, since Swedish companies are more accesible with a very good references. „Our Chamber is a guarantee for them, because we only work with trustworthy Czech companies,“ describes Lager.

 The fact is, that since 90s, neither small nor medium companies have participated in Swedish public tenders, despite the fact that Sweden is interested in Czech products. But often it is very hard for a small businesses to overcome the requirements and financial costs associated with the tender.


Nordic Chamber of Commerce was established in Prague in 1995 and became a very important subject in the area of promoting Nordic business and values in Czech Republic. Chamber is also a significant mediator of business relations between Czech Republic and Nordic countries. The cooperation between Nordic Chamber and its members is built on traditional nordic values, such as transparency, equal opportunities, ecology, social responsibility and good working relations. At the time, Nordic Chamber of Commerce has over 160 member companies with over 59 thousand employees.


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Lea Turcarová

Executive Director


Nordic Chamber of Commerce

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