Diversity Awards ProjectxDiversity Awards Project

Diversity Awards 2024

The Nordic Chamber of Commerce is launching a second edition of an Annual Award for Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) Projects to give recognition to organizations operating in the Czech market for their initiatives contributing to society with equal opportunities. The DEI projects will be submitted under one of the two categories based on the size of the organization: Category Corporate (more than 250 employees) and Category SMEs (up to 250 employees).

Who is eligible to apply?

Eligible are organizations:

  • operating in the Czech market either in Category Corporate or Category SMEs
  • with no illegal actions,
  • not involved in insolvency proceedings or liquidation,
  • supporting equality, diversity, equal opportunities, and inclusion within the described set of values,
  • running an internal project affecting employees of the given company. The project can be realized in cooperation with a local NGO, school, local community, or non-formal group, or solely developed and run by the given company.

We welcome projects from companies of all sizes and industries. Whether you are working on a diversity recruitment program, implementing inclusive workplace policies, developing educational initiatives, or driving company cultural change within your organization, we encourage you to submit your project for consideration. Projects focused on working with the communities outside the company or raising public awareness or performing activities with/for various target groups of society, are welcomed as well.

The DEI PROJECT criteria:

  • Has proven track of start, implementation, or completion of the DEI Project.
  • Has a clear strategy of measuring the impact on the target group(s) specified in the project.

SUBMISSION criteria:

Deadline latest September 8, 2024.
Each organization can submit only one project.
Applications not fulfilling the criteria and eligibility will be disqualified and not selected for the evaluation.

Application Form

Awards Archive

Year 2023


Submitted projects will be evaluated by the jury consisting of ambassadors, experts, and Nordic Chamber of Commerce Board members.
Three winners will be selected.
The name of organization submitting the project is not disclosed to the jury. Each member of the jury reads the projects without the project cover page.

The jury will assess the project as provided via the application form considering the following:


How innovative is the project. Is it a new approach to diversity?


How easy is it for other companies to copy the project and carry it out within their own environment. How easy is it to grow the project to have a larger impact on more employees.


How significant is the impact of the project. Either having less personal impact, but on a large amount of people, or having a very significant impact on a few people.


How easy is it to keep the project sustainable and having a continuous impact over several years.

Locally Developed

Has the idea been locally initiated and developed for the Czech environment? Has the project been developed based on an idea from a sister company or mother company abroad? (We will credit projects which have been copy-pasted from Headquarters as less interesting.)


After a thorough evaluation process, 3 nominees will be selected.
The announcement of winners will take place during the award ceremony that is planned for October 24, 2024.


The Nordic Chamber will actively promote the competition and the Awards Ceremony through various media channels, including press releases, social media, newsletters, videos, and the Chamber's official website.
Top 20 selected projects will be presented at the DEI Forum, held on the October 10 by OPIM, and promoted on the social media, newsletters, conference web site and press releases.

This publicity and visibility aim to raise awareness about the importance of diversity and inclusion and inspire others to act.


The name of organization submitting the project is not disclosed to the jury. Each member of the jury reads the projects without the knowledge of name of the company.

Should any member of the jury be directly involved in the organization/company, or a project submitted for the Diversity Award 2024, he/she will abstain from voting. His/Her votes for submitted project will be distributed to other members equally and fairly.

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