Diversity Awards ProjectxDiversity Awards Project

Diversity Awards

The Nordic Chamber of Commerce is launching an Annual Award for Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Project to give recognition to organizations operating in the Czech market for their initiatives with positive impact on society.

Project #1

Inclusive Workplace is the project name submitted by NETTO Electronics.

As a supplier of weighing equipment, along with service support, their target audience extends beyond just students from...

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Project #2

Handicap Has Nothing To Do With Handicap

This project submitted by Lenka Helena Koenigsmark, targets a wide audience, with a particular focus on children. Its ma...

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Project #3

I Am Working

Is a project submitted by Mondelez Biscuits In this project, the manufacturer of cookies and wafers is dedicated to pr...

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Project #4

Strive Czechia To empower 250,000 Czech micro and small enterprises

The Mastercard Center for Inclusive Growth, in partnership with the humanitarian organization CARE, is participating in ...

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Project #5

Company’s Lived experience project

Skanska Central Europe has submitted the "Company's Lived Experience Project" for the Diversity Awards. Th...

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Project #6

Connected beyond "nine-to-five" - people initiatives

SAP CR is competing in the Diversity Awards with the project "Connected Beyond 'Nine-to-Five' - People Init...

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Project #7

Empowerment through Self Defense for Everybody and Every Body

The "Empowerment through Self Defense for Everybody and Every Body" project, submitted by the Self-Defense for...

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Project #8

Flexibility for everyone

Vodafone has entered the Diversity Awards with the "Flexibility For Everyone" project, designed for all employ...

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Project #9

Winner 2023: Creating a Family-Friendly Workplace – Extended Parental Leave

LEGO Production has submitted the project "Creating a Family-Friendly Workplace – Extended Parental Leave" for...

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Project #10

Mentoring for Sue Ryder by Company Internal Mentors

KLEPIERRE MANAGEMENT, the shopping center operator, has submitted the "Mentoring for Sue Ryder by Company Internal ...

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Project #11

Winner 2023: Company cultural change towards Diversity & Inclusion

This project aims to benefit employees of our compressor and vacuum technology company, as well as contribute to the bro...

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Project #12

Winner 2023: We're counting on you. Revising the approach to employees who are parents of young children.

CEZ, a. s., is dedicated to supporting working parents and enhancing their work-life balance. They provide a range of be...

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Project #13

Documentary series Muzikantky (Female Musicians) 8 episodes x 26 min

Czech Television is showcasing the growing influence of Czech female musicians from varied musical genres like rap and w...

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Project #14

Educational program: Company secondary vocational technical school with matriculation and boarding

Agrostroj Pelhřimov a.s. has launched an educational initiative in collaboration with technical schools to groom student...

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Project #15

Removing barriers to job opportunities

KONE Industrial - koncern, s.r.o. is leveraging digital transformation to introduce flexible working options that cater ...

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Project #16

Mohamed's journey

LAVARIS s.r.o. is actively involved in integrating foreigners into the Czech community. Through their ongoing project, t...

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Project #17

Living Library

In a partnership with Česká spořitelna, a.s., a distinctive project has been launched that revolves around interviewing ...

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Who is eligible to apply:

Any company operating in the Czech market is eligible to apply. Size of the company plays no role. The company has not taken any illegal actions, is not involved in insolvency proceedings or liquidation.

Eligible company has completed a project (or is in the process of implementation) supporting equality, diversity, equal opportunities and inclusion within the described set of values.

THE PROJECT criteria:

  • Has (or is foreseen to have) a positive impact within the company, for the local community(ies), groups, or society in general.
  • Has a potential to be disseminated and/or scaled up to multiply the impact.
  • We welcome projects from companies of all sizes and industries. Whether you are working on a diversity recruitment program, implementing inclusive workplace policies, developing educational initiatives, or driving company cultural change within your organization, we encourage you to submit your project for consideration. Projects focused on working with the communities outside the company or raising public awareness or performing activities with/for various target groups of society, are welcomed as well.
  • The project can be a co-creation with local NGO, school, local community, non-formal group.

SUBMISSION criteria:

Deadline latest September 15, 2023.

Each company can submit only one project.


Submitted projects will be evaluated by the jury consisting of 4 ambassadors, 2 experts, 2 Board members and 1 General partner according to the following 3 criteria. Each member of the jury can distribute 100 points maximum. Three winners reaching the highest number of points will be selected.

Positive impact




After a thorough evaluation process, 3 nominees will be selected.

The announcement of winners will take place during the award ceremony that is planned for October 26, 2023. 


The Nordic Chamber will actively promote the competition and the Awards Ceremony through various media channels , including press releases, social media, newsletters, videos, and the Chamber's official website. This publicity aims to raise awareness about the importance of diversity and inclusion and inspire others to take action.

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