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The Chamber was founded on January 1995 by thirty Swedish companies officially registered in the Czech Republic under the name Swedish Chamber of Commerce and who participated in various forms of business relations between Sweden and the Czech Republic. As number of members representing Danish, Norwegian, Finnish and Icelandic companies had grown it was decided to change the name to the Nordic Chamber of Commerce in the Czech Republic in 2005.

The Nordic Chamber of Commerce is a vehicle to promote and contribute to the development of businessrelations between the Czech Republic and all Nordic countries and to increase mutual contacts amongst them. The Chamber is a non-profit organization and has no political aims.

In the year 2015, the Nordic Chamber of Commerce is celebrating its 20th anniversary since it was established. Throughout the years it has worked tirelessly in order to support business ties between the Czech Republic and Scandinavia and has since become one of the most influential business chambers of its kind in the Czech Republic.


The mission of the Nordic Chamber in the Czech Republic is to promote and serve the present Nordic business community, to help improve the business and ethical environment and to provide a platform for creating and safeguarding new business opportunities.


The vision is to remain and improve on the image of being one of the leading and most respected Chambers of Commerce in the Czech Republic.


The objectives are to achieve high membership satisfaction, a high level of member activity and participation on the Chambers different events and that a majority of the Nordic companies and individuals from the respective countries becomes members.

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