Mentoring Group – Natural Tendencies Analysis Session

11. 3. 2021 09:30 - 11:30 on-line ZOOM



You have now a great opportunity to deepen your development & understanding of yourself and others. We offer for Mentoring Program participants and other guests a possibility for a free NATURAL TENDENCIES Analysis (NTA) and a debriefing session. The NTA is an MBTI (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator) based assessment which one of the mostly used leadership and self-development tool in the world. I personally use that with good results as a part developing High Performance Management Teams with my customer projects. 

The NATURAL TENDENCIES analysis helps you to recognize your natural thinking and operating styles. It was created to make the development of certain skills easier - such as supervisor skills, teamwork or interaction skills, sales skills, innovativeness, etc. It's recommended to begin the analysis by identifying the naturally strong areas of one's personality. Skills related to those areas develop effortlessly within us, by just being ourselves. The development of some other skills, though, requires a conscious directing of attention towards the things to be developed, as well as systematic practice.

This will give you much deeper understanding and answers to many of the questions and personality type related situations mentioned during our pit stop session, like if a person is more goal vs. operative action driven or organized/systematic vs. flexible, pro change or rather analysing first etc.


We’ll give you also an opportunity to invite one of your colleagues to join the  NTA process – it is nicer to learn together

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