Diversity - Employing people with disability

As a pilot initiative, the Nordic Chamber of Commerce is offering its members an introduction to the issue of employment of people with disabilities. It is a specific field where companies are regulated by legislation, which was amended at the beginning of 2018. We want to guide you through the topic, give you all the necessary information in one package and show you the benefits of employing people with disabilities.

Diversity in the workplace and the attendant issue of flexible working is a topic that has been much discussed in the media and on professional networking platforms. The current state of the labour market and the extremely low unemployment rate, in addition to the themes of diversity and flexibility, are openly debated.

In the Nordic countries, equal access to jobs, working conditions and opportunities are a natural part of our culture and values. Supporting these values and sharing our experiences is therefore a core part of what the Nordic Chamber of Commerce does.

The theme of diversity is incredibly broad. It concerns gender equality, mothers re-entering the workforce after maternity leave, equal access to jobs irrespective of age, employment of people with disabilities, support for the LGBT community, etc. These and many other groups are now supported by a wide range of projects.

Society is not divided up into women and men, healthy and handicapped, young and old. Society when viewed as a whole becomes balanced and well functioning and greater than the sum of its parts.

Nils Jebens

Zaměstnávání HCP - CZE

Employing PwD - ENG



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