3rd round of Mentoring Exchange Project

Dear Mentors of the Nordic Chamber of Commerce,

We now have two successful cycles of Mentoring Exchange Project behind us, and we are counting on your continued support of this great project, in which you as Mentors receive so much positive feedback from our Mentees!

This year we are making a few modifications to the program, based on the feedback received from you at the last debriefing sessions, and during the last mentoring cycle.


Mentor presentations

It is highly unlikely that everybody will have time to record new videos with us in a studio, and rather than have only a few, we thought it might be more personal if everybody shoots their own little presentation. This will bring out your own personal style and will show mentors who you really are. We do not want to limit you to a formal or professional setting: use your own judgement for what you wish to share with potential mentees.

All previous videos will be taken down. If you wish to create your own personal presentation (on a phone, tablet, or whatever device you may use), send this video to Lea at so she can upload the video.

Please keep the video to max 2 minutes.

Your current profile is disclosed now but if you wish to update the text, also contact Lea. 774 123 370 she will send you text for any updates.


Adding a pit-stop to the program

 Many of you expressed a wish to have a checkpoint along the way, where those who want can meet again and exchange experiences and ideas. It also is an excellent opportunity for those who missed the kickoff session to actually meet in person.

The pit-stop will be planned for January 28, 2021 and will coincide with a New Years’ reception on January 28th. First we have a mentoring-only meeting, and then we join other members of the Nordic Chamber for a small reception with New Year’s drinks.


The dates for the next Mentoring program are as follows:


Kickoff of the 3rd Mentoring program                    October 1, 2020 from 9.00

Mentoring PIT STOP with reception afterwards     January 28, 2021 from 16.00 – followed by Business Mixer

Debriefing sessions                                                  June 17, 2021 from 9.00


We sincerely hope that you want to join us this year as well! Please confirm your participation with Lea Turcarova at


With my best regards,

Andrea Colantoni

Board Member and Head of the HR Working Group




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