5 different ways how to do it done in Nordic Countries

from Colin Moon

Did you know that....

The Swedes discuss it.
It starts on Monday morning with the ‘måndagsmöte’. Why? Because it’s Monday. Swedes love meetings. They have a ‘förmöte’ which is a meeting before the meeting. The real meeting is called a ‘planeringsmöte’, a meeting to plan all the other meetings. This is followed by an ‘informationsmöte’, a meeting to inform people why they are at the meeting. This is followed up with an ‘uppföljningsmöte’, a meeting to tell people why they were at the meeting last time. And, believe it or not, they always get the job done.

The Danes change it
Danes take part in meetings too. They are particularly fond of Nordic meetings because there are Swedes present. The Danes appear to agree on everything. The Swedes, bless them, believe the Danes will then do exactly what they have agreed to do. Danes are the individualists of the north and they like to modify agreements once they’ve made them. To make them a little more … to their own taste. So, they go home and do something completely different. And then they get the job done (the Danish way).

The Norwegians get around to it.
Norwegians are in no hurry. They tend to leave tasks till later, just before the deadline. Then, of course, they have a major panic. Everyone makes an all-out effort to reach the approaching deadline. It’s called ‘skippertak’ They may even have to work overtime, probably as late as 4.30 pm. This means the employer is bound by law to offer a pizza or something else suitable for eating. It's called 'overtidsmat'. And as 'ordentlig' as they are, they always get the job done.

The Icelanders hurry it
Icelanders are used to a harsh climate. They make decisions very quickly because anything can happen at any time. You just never know…so best to just get on with it!  It’s a nation of fearless fishermen (fisherpeople?) working hard from morning to night to beat the elements. Nevertheless, they are the optimists of the north. Nothing exemplifies the collective Icelandic mindset as clearly as ‘everything will always be all right in the end’. It’s called ‘Þetta reddast’. And, convinced everything will work out, they get the job done.

The Finns have already done it
Finns have meetings only if they have to. You’ve heard of human beings? Well, Finns are human doers. In fact, they’ve already done it before the Swedes have their 'förmiddagsfika'. They’ve already done it, and done it well, before the Norwegians open their brown cheese 'matpakke'. They have definitely already done it before the Danes have finished their Friday morning 'morgenmad sammen'. In Finland an awkward silence is never awkward. Ari may look as if he has mentally gone to lunch, but he is just determined to get the job done.



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