66 % of people disagree with consolidation bundle

(CIANEWS) - 8 % of Czechs agree with the entire government consolidation bundle, 25 % partly. This follows from a survey by the STEM/MARK agency, with 66 % of people disapproving of this form of the package. As the most reasonable 40 % of respondents perceive lower taxation for some food, medical supplies or housing, followed by higher taxation of alcohol or tobacco (35 %) and a reduction in the volume of salaries in the public sector (34 %). According to 43 %, the least reasonable is an increase in VAT on medicines, a higher property tax (40 %) and an increase in VAT on newspapers (27 %). Government communication is good according to 3 % of people, a third admits that the cabinet tries to communicate, but there is room for improvement. The remaining almost two-thirds believe that the government fails to communicate at all.



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