AAVIT: Firms may use CZK 28bn from EU for digitisation

(ČIA) Czech private companies, state-owned enterprises, state and public authorities and start-ups will be able to use almost CZK 28bn from the European Instrument for Recovery and Resilience for digitisation processes. This was announced by the Association for Applied Research in IT (AAVIT). The EU has earmarked a total of CZK 180vb for the Czech Republic in this programme, of which 15% will be directed towards digitisation. AAVIT chairman Jaromír Hanzal added that any entity meeting the conditions announced just for his group can apply for the subsidy. The total allocation will be divided among six so-called components, where, among others, more than CZK 7bn is allocated to public administration, and over CZK 5.5bn to startups and new technologies.



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