Agenda 2030 in Focus

In the beginning of April Team Sweden in the Czech Republic set focus on Agenda2030 and how we together can collaborate towards a more sustainable society. Representatives from the Swedish and Czech governments, companies, civil society and other stakeholders participated in the different events.

On Saturday April 1, the Embassy of Sweden in Prague opened its beautiful garden to the public. On this perfect, sunny, first day of spring more than 2 200 people came to buy second-hand at the yard sale, buy a “fika” (coffee with a home baked cinnamon bun) and some participated in a workshop how to make jewelry out of recycled material. Some came simply to enjoy the view or take a selfie with one of the Agenda 2030 cards in front of the inflated globe and the youngest tried their luck at the “fiskdamm” (fish pond). The Open Garden marked the kick-off for a 10-day program of seminars and activities inspired by Agenda 2030 and the 17 development goals.

During the following days, speakers and audiences from Czech Republic and Sweden met to exchange experiences and ideas on issues such as corporate social responsibility, sustainable fashion, waste management, Nordic management styles and the trend towards a more circular economy.

Agenda 2030 – Global Goals for Sustainable Development – was adopted in 2015 by 193 world leaders. The ongoing implementation of these goals requires the participation of all levels of society. Team Sweden in the Czech Republic therefore wants to create a platform where companies, authorities and civil society can meet and inspire each other. We want to reach out to people of different ages and also show how each individual can contribute and make a difference.

Swedish companies are often at the forefront of sustainable innovation and during the week they shared their strong commitment to a more circular and sustainable production. Representatives of Czech and Swedish authorities showed how the development goals are now transformed into concrete policies and representatives of the civil society highlighted the important role they play as both inspectors and watch-dogs. The participating speakers from Sweden were CSR ambassador Diana Madunic and Anders Wijkman, Vice President of the Club of Rome, who both have an extensive experience of environmental and development issues. Erik Johansson, Sweden’s nature photographer in 2015, presented some of his art work. IKEA displayed accessories made from recycled material and H&M gave the audience a preview of its Conscious Exclusive Collection 2017, including a beautiful long dress made from recycled plastic from the sea. The initiative created great publicity both in traditional as well as in social media. The embassy's on-line campaign actually reached more than 100,000 people.

Team Sweden in the Czech Republic and Embassy of Sweden in Prague strive to promote partnerships in matters relating to Agenda 2030. The effort was made possible by great cooperation between the embassy, ​​Business Sweden and the Nordic Chamber of Commerce in Prague as well as with Swedish companies and Czech partners.



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