Agrostroj expanding to the west

The Pelhřimov-based company Agrostroj, which is owned by entrepreneur Lubomír Stoklásek, has acquired Stoll Maschinenfabrik, a German manufacturer of agricultural loading machines. “It was a great opportunity to significantly expand our reach and also gain a final product with a traditional brand. We worked on it for almost two years. We brought the deal to a successful conclusion in Düsseldorf last Tuesday,” says Stoklásek, describing the transaction. Stoll is a company with a long tradition, as its origins date back to 1878. Today, the company employs approximately 600 people at its factories in Germany, Poland and the United States, generating turnover in the amount of roughly EUR 120 million (CZK 3 billion). Its principal business activity comprises development and manufacturing of tractormounted front-end loaders and accessories. Stoll is the absolute leader in this field on the German market. According to Stoklásek, the acquisition of Stoll will bring Agrostroj a major brand that will clear a path to partners for which the company already manufacturers agricultural equipment. “Within our long-term strategy, we are focusing on the development of our own products, which will support our current business with our partners. The acquisition of Stoll precisely fulfils our intention and of course has strong synergistic potential for both companies,” says Stoklásek.

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