AMSP: Crisis did not harm trade, export up 14%

(CIANEWS) - The Association of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises and Sole Traders (AMSP ČR) has stated that fears of lasting effects of the crises on Czech foreign trade have not been confirmed. Josef Jaroš, chairman of the board of directors, illustrates this by noting that for 9M 2022, exports increased by 14.4% y/y and imports by 20.7%. The association's analysis also showed that the most important export groups of goods are, among others, transport equipment, motor vehicles, computers, electricity, pumps and medicines. The most important import items include automatic data processing machines, telecommunication equipment, parts for motor vehicles, electrical appliances, pharmaceuticals, crude oil and natural gas. Germany has consistently been the Czech Republic's main trading partner. Its share of Czech exports was 32.4% the year before last and of imports 22.4%. China also accounts for a significant share of imports (16.7%).



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