"Aviation can be more sustainable than road and rail"

Norway aims to replace fuel-guzzling jets with electric planes on all domestic flights by 2040 as part of its drive to fight climate change. Olaf Mosvold Larsen of state airport group Avinor explained how they plan to do it. By switching to electric planes, "emissions can be eliminated while emissions from expensive and extensive infrastructure projects such as tunnels and bridges will be reduced," said Larsen. "Norway is a vast country and, in the remote districts, short-haul flights are already more important than roads for many purposes," he said. "The runways are already in place. In that sense aviation can be more sustainable than both road and rail." The technology is already in place to replace jets with electric and hybrid planes on short flights, Larsen believes, although major advances in battery technology are required before long-haul flights can be electrified. - Dezeen -



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