Big success for ABBACZ in Oslo

The endless series of ABBACZ's success shows can be added once more, as the band on Monday ended with the Norwegian businessman and billionaire Egil Stenshagen's birthday party at Christiania Theater in Oslo city center. The band was set to play 3 tracks, but was repeatedly invited by the birthrunner and the 120 guests to play extra numbers. So they were not released until they had played 9 tracks! The highlight occurred when Stenshagen followed the Abba girls' invitation to come to the stage and dance with them to "Dancing Queen". The pictures show a happy and satisfied Stenshagen between the girls, double thumbs-up from him, a turn-around on stage, as well as a standing audience with the mobile so that the experience could be gained. Active Booking thank you to Stenshagen for a nice stay and event, as well as the great words afterwards. And thanks to the always obvious Abbacz band.




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