Bisnode: 43% more traders suspended business

(ČIA) A total of 99,329 self-employed persons interrupted their business in 2020, up 43% y/y. At the same time, this is a 65% increase compared to 2018. The information was published by Bisnode and Dun & Bradstreet Company. Analyst Petra Štěpánová stated that while in Q1 2020 activities were interrupted by a third more natural persons year-on-year, in Q2 it was by 1.3% more, in Q3 by 81% and in Q4 by 72%. She added that the development of the pandemic is still not favourable in the Czech Republic or in Europe. The most self-employed persons interrupted business activities in Prague (17,100), Central Bohemia (12,362) and the South Moravian Region (11,208).



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