Bisnode: Record 12,692 firms abolished in 2018

A total of 12,692 companies ended their activities in the Czech Republic in 2018, the most since 2012 (5,322). This information was provided by Bisnode which added that 80% of them were liquidated. The rest was abolished by merging with another business entity or in a different manner. The ages of the companies that were abolished were most frequently between 21 and 25 years and between six and ten years (23% each). A total 6,706 companies with a registered seat in Prague were abolished, which represents more than one half of all the abolished ones. Bisnode analyst Petra Štěpánová added that the net increment (the difference between the numbers of established and abolished companies) dropped from almost 5 in 2014 to 2.5 newly created companies per one abolished.

- ČIA -



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