Can cruise ships be powered with dead fish? Norwegian line Hurtigruten is betting on it

Norway-based cruise line Hurtigruten said it would become the first cruise operator in the world to power vessels using liquified biogas (LBG), a fossil-free, renewable fuel produced from dead fish and other organic waste. The line's homeland of Norway and Northern Europe, which have large fishery and forestry sectors, produce a steady volume of the organic waste required to make the fuel. Hurtigruten said it planned to run at least six vessels using a combination of biogas, large battery packs and liquefied natural gas by 2021. The company currently operates 17 ships with more on order. "While competitors are running on cheap, polluting heavy fuel oil, our ships will literally be powered by nature," Hurtigruten CEO Daniel Skjeldam said. The biogas announcement comes as Hurtigruten prepares to unveil the world’s first battery-hybrid powered cruise ship, the Roald Amundsen. - USA Today -



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