ČEZ will as of October reduce electricity prices by 9 % and gas prices by 11 %

(ČIA) ČEZ will as of October 2020 lower electricity prices for fixed and non-fixed products. A significant discount awaits Czech households also in the case of gas. Board of directors deputy chairman and director of the sales and strategy division, Pavel Cyrani, stated that the reason is a decline in electricity and gas prices on bourses during the COVID epidemic. As of October 1, ČEZ Prodej will also reduce by the same amount prices for trade license holders and small companies. Price lists will fall similarly as of November in the case of ČEZ ESCO, which supplies energy to medium-sized and larger companies and the public administration. ČEZ is adjusting gas prices for a second time in 2020, in the case of some fixed series they had fallen by 15 % already in May.



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