Confidence in gov’t has fallen to 32 %

(CIANEWS) - 32 % of Czechs trusted the government of the Czech Republic in April and May 2023, 33 % in February and March, and 34 % at the turn of the year. The President is trusted by 58 % of the public. This follows from a survey by the Center for Public Opinion Research of the Institute of Sociology of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic. The Chamber of Deputies had the trust of 32 % and the Senate of 38 % of the public. Mayors (67 %) and municipal councils (66 %) enjoyed the highest level of trust. 17 % of citizens were satisfied with the political situation while 60 % were not. Compared to the last survey, the atmosphere worsened: the share of dissatisfied people increased by 7 percentage points.



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