ČPZP to spend CZK 290m on healthy way of life programs

(ČIA) Czech health insurer Česká průmyslová zdravotní pojišťovna (ČPZP) will allocate CZK 290m for programs supporting the healthy way of life and other activities. The sum is CZK 10m higher than in 2020. Clients can use the new preventive program Chůva 24 with a contribution of CZK 500 for the purchase of a breathing movement monitor or a nanny. Higher contributions will be paid also to pregnant women and mothers able to withdraw CZK 2,000 instead of CZK 1,500 from the Motherhood Manager program. Clients older than 65 years will get CZK 400 instead of CZK 200 to buy food supplements. Preventive programs Test COVID-19 continue also in 2021.



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