ČS: Vehicles make up 30% of defence exports

(CIANEWS) - The 2023 budget of the Ministry of Defence was approved at CZK 111.8bn (up 23% year on year). Of this sum, CZK 40bn will go to investments in armament, equipment, infrastructure, and information technologies. This is stated in an analysis of the Czech defence industry made by Česká spořitelna (ČS). In 2021, products were exported to 101 countries. One-third went to EU countries, one-fifth to Africa and 16% to Asia. The biggest export destination was the United States (8.8%), followed by India (7.1%) and Poland (5.2%). The export value amounted to CZK 15.2bn. In terms of types of military goods, ground vehicles and their components prevail (30%), followed by aviation equipment (20%), ammunition and rocket equipment (14%).



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