ČSPS expects drop in production of up to 2 million hl

(ČIA) The Czech Beer and Malt Association (ČSPS) expects a decrease in beer production of up to 2 million hl year-on-year in January to May 2020. The drop was caused by the closure of pubs and a sharp drop in exports amounting to 400-600,000 hl. The Czech-Moravian Association of Mini-Breweries estimates that more than a quarter of the total of almost 500 breweries could end up permanently. ČSPS Executive Director Martina Ferencová proposed, with regard to favorable statistics on the number of newly infected SARS-CoV-2, to fully open gastronomic establishments by May 11, 2020. SPČS also proposes e.g. compensation for liquidation of beer and food stocks and subsidies for the restart of pubs and restaurants.



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