ČSSD: Taxation should apply to firms with high income

(ČIA) The primary goal of the ČSSD's election programme is to ensure that the costs of the pandemic are not paid only by the middle class, employees and people with lower income. In addition to the expenditure side, the programme also focuses on the income side. In particular, the ČSSD talks about higher taxation of certain companies and high-income earners. More than 60,000 companies have benefited from the Antivirus programme alone. Jana Maláčová, deputy chair of the ČSSD and minister of labour and social affairs, said that it is a duty and decency that companies that made a decent profit despite the pandemic should now participate in helping others. According to the ČSSD, neither the privatisation of Czech health care nor the introduction of tuition fees at public universities can be considered in the future. Taxes should not be raised on anyone who earns up to three times the average wage, which is currently CZK 35,285.



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