CTP reduces energy consumption in their portfolio by 5 %

November 10, 2016 - In order to be sustainable, environmental friendly and to remain the best choice for their clients, CTP targeted 5 % energy consumption reduction within CTPark portfolio in 2016. Total area of 250 000 sqm will be retrofitted until the end of the year. 

Based on energy studies and CTP’s pilot projects this 5% reduction comes down to exchanging 250,000 sqm of LED lighting. It means taking out existing lighting and put back LED lighting. “There are other ways to reduce energy consumption, but LED is the fastest, has the most impact and is very interesting for our clients. Due to this invention the client’s electricity bill decreases and return of investment is fast, with less than 2 years,“ adds Stefan de Goeij Head of Property Management Department in CTP. 

For 2016 CTP has targeted of 5% decrease and it will be reached.  Currently the company has updated 100,000 sqm and over 150,000 sqm are scheduled for Q4. This concerns different CTParks, in Czech Republic for example: Ostrava, Bor, Plzeň, Kadaň and Hranice. Big part will be done on a market in Romania mostly in Bucharest West II, but also in Timisoara, Arad. Furthermore outside lighting in Timisoara, Bucharest and Bucharest II. 

CTP plans to exchange 400,000 sqm of LED lighting throughout our portfolio for next year. “The size of retrofit is very unique. This means for us that in future we can go up from energy class C rating to B rating,“ says Stefan de Goeij.



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