CZ LOKO starts developing hydrogen-powered locomotive

(ČIA) CZ LOKO has started the development of a hydrogen powered locomotive known as HydrogenShunter 1000. Sales Director Jan Kutálek said that the project is still in the feasibility study phase. The locomotive, with a maximum output of up to 800 kW, would use hydrogen cells to recharge traction batteries. Other ecological projects being developed by CZ LOKO include the battery-powered E-Shunter 300 for light shunting, the DualShunter 2000 for operation on both dependent and independent traction and the plug-in hybrid HybridShunter 1000 for shunting. The DualShunter 2000 locomotive is scheduled to enter service in 2023 in Italy, and two years later in the Czech Republic. The company plans to launch the plug-in hybrid HybridShunter locomotive in 2026.



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