Czech space mission to explore mining on asteroids

(ČIA) The European Space Agency (ESA) has recommended for implementation the Space Laboratory for Advanced Variable Instruments and Applications (SLAVIA) project, which aims to explore the possibility of mining raw materials on asteroids. ESA is now finalising negotiations with a consortium led by S.A.B. Aerospace. The project also involves the Aeronautical Research and Test Institute, Huld and the J. Heyrovský Institute of Physical Chemistry. Václav Kobera, Director of the Department of Intelligent Transport Systems, Space Activities and Research, Development and Innovation of the Ministry of Transport, informed that a feasibility study will be completed within 12 months. The result should be the creation of two 20kg satellites for asteroid exploration. Transport Minister Karel Havlíček (ANO) added that the Czech Republic's ambition is to build capacity for the development and production of complex systems and entire space missions. The information was published by the Ministry of Transport.



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