Czech studio produces extraordinary glass case for Danish royal sarcophagus

The task of designing a sarcophagus for the Danish royal went to Bjorn Norgaard, known for his avant-garde creations. And once again the artist designed something exceptional – a futuristic-looking glass case with an inner glass bubble – space for two life-sized royal figures – Queen Margarthe and her consort, Prince Henrik. The glass case stands on three pillars of stone taken from Greenland, the Faeroes, and Jutland. The glass case is supported by six silver elephant heads made in Italy and is decorated with gold-plated bronze heraldic symbols that are linked to the life of the Danish queen and her late husband. The glass studio of Zdeněk Lhotský spent close to seven years working on the glass case which was installed in the crypt of the Roskilde Cathedral in April. In an interview for Czech Radio the artist said this commission was a milestone in his work that gave him and his team many sleepless nights, but also great pride and satisfaction. - Radio Praha -



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