Danish dairy giant wants CO2-neutral milk production by 2050

Dairy producer Arla has worked on a plan to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions that encompasses the company’s farming, production and transport. The plan includes, for the first time, the agricultural production of its milk on farms. Key aspects of the plan include targets of a 30 percent reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by 2030; and completely CO2-neutral milk production by 2050. Arla CEO Peder Tuborgh said the climate goals were an important step for the company. “This is the right thing to do with regard to the way the world is today. The effects on the world of CO2 are not sustainable. And consumers have a clear agenda. They will go somewhere else if you stay away from this area,” Tuborgh said. Arla is making a sensible choice by backing a climate-friendly business model, according to Jan Holm Ingemann, an agricultural economist at Aalborg University’s Department of Political Science. “This is sensible. I would almost call it a necessary decision by Arla.” Arla’s climate plan will affect 1.5 million cows, 10,000 farms and 70 dairies throughout northwestern Europe. - The Local -



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