Danish Round-Up: Record number of foreign workers in Denmark

A new report from the national chamber of commerce, Dansk Erhverv, has revealed that a record 384,000 foreigners worked in Denmark in 2018 – the equivalent of every tenth worker. According to the report, the numbers of foreign workers are particularly prevalent in the agriculture sector, as well as within the restaurant and cleaning industries. About every third employee within agriculture, forestry and fishing is foreign. The number of foreigners working in Denmark has risen every year since registration commenced in 2011 and it’s only going to continue, maintained Jens Arnholz, a labour market researcher at the University of Copenhagen. “There is nothing that indicates that we’ll see a downturn in foreigners coming here to work. On the contrary. Despite it becoming easier to find work and earn a decent wage in many eastern European countries, there are still many who come to Denmark every year,” Arnholz said. - CPH Post -



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