Debrief: Mentoring Exchange Project

On the 30th of May, the de-briefing session was held for the mentors and mentees of the first round of our Mentoring Exchange. Participants gathered in the Savoy Hotel to share experiences and provide valuable feedback to the HR working Group, comprised of Andrea Colantoni and Olli Torvinen.

The satisfaction of participants was evident and we’re proud that the first mentoring round was so well received. We’re already looking forward to the next batch of Mentors and Mentee couples to start working together. Stay tuned for more information about registration to become a mentor or mentee.


The base of the mentoring Program is Nordic Leadership, where trust, respect and appreciation are key skills and values for all. This means that the mentoring process and communication between a mentor and a mentee will follow and implement these principles.

This made the program highly appreciated by the participants, both mentors and mentees. Their comments were e.g.

  • trust was built quickly and there was no judging
  • the process created me willingness to be engaged and try new things
  • the program gave a safe place to reflect and look at myself in a trusted environment
  • a flexible structure worked towards my needs
  • my mentoring topic was agreed together with my mentor 
  • my curiosity was increased to go for different scenarios and different leadership
  • long enough time frame gave flexibility and a serious approach to the selected topic
  • there was a good match between the mentor and the mentee

We had a great spirit, positive energy and willingness to share openly also during the debriefing session on the 30th of May. We are happy for all the positive comments & successes as well as ideas how to further develop the program, e.g.

  • how to improve communication between the Chamber and participants during the program
  • how to share info with participants who can’t joint the kick-off session in order to understand the nature of the program and Nordic Leadership principles and
  • how to support participants during the program with hot / interesting learning topics

The Nordic Chamber of Commerce would like to thank all participants of our mentoring program, without whom the first cycle of mentoring would not have been such a success. Your passion and engagement have been evident for everyone to see, and we’re sure that it has inspired others to join our Mentoring Exchange!


- PICTURES -         - VIDEO -

- Interview with Mentor Magnus Alsterlind
- Interview with Mentee Karel Repa
- Interview with Mentor Adela Karlovska
- Interview with Mentee Konrad Buza
- Interview with Mentor Bohuslav Lipovsky
- Interview with Mentee Michaela Kucharova -

We hope mentees will use the mentoring to further grow, and that Mentors will come back and share their wisdom with another batch of enthusiastic mentees in the autumn.

If you are interested to become Mentor or Mentee, please let us know More information about the project : Mentoring Exchange

Wishing you relaxing Summer!

Your Mentoring Exchange Team:
Andrea Colantoni
Olli Torvinen
Lea Turcarova



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