Deloitte: EKOSPOL, CG, FINEP and YIT sold most apartments

(CIANEWS) - The average offer price of new vacant apartments in Prague during May and June 2023 fell by 1% compared to the previous two months to CZK 153,800 per sqm. Developers offered 16 new residential projects with a total of 741 apartments with an average price of CZK 145,700 per sqm. In March and April, there were 459 apartments with a value of CZK 151,700. This is according to Deloitte Develop Index data, with sales of new residential units continuing to grow. 785 new flats were sold on the Prague residential market (671 in March and April). EKOSPOL sold the most new apartments (90), followed by CENTRAL GROUP (81), FINEP (73), YIT (61) and Skanska (50).



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