Deloitte: GDP to grow 2.6% this year, to drop 1% in 2023

(CIANEWS) - The GDP in the Czech Republic will grow 2.57% in 2022 but will drop 1.08% in 2023, according to a forecast published by Deloitte. The unemployment rate dropped year on year from 2.87% to 2.30% this year and will increase slightly to 2.34% next year. Consumer prices that grew 16.11% this year will grow only 9.64% next year. The average wage increased by 5.47% in 2022 and will grow by 3.10% in 2023. Compared to last year, the government sector's debt increased from 42.03% to 45.04% of the GDP. Next year, it will grow further to 47.10% of the GDP.



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